Spring’s Beauty in the Midst of Week 3 of COVID-19

Spring’s Beauty in the Midst of Week 3 of P.S.V.C.’s Response to COVID-19

A Big Thank You to all our clients who are assisting us to safely help you and your pets with necessary medical, surgical, and dental problems during this unprecedented time of uncertainty and restricted travel. Remember that our online pharmacy and prescription pet food home delivery service, Vetsource, is available 24-hours a day.

Nationwide, people are stocking up on pet foods, so pet food manufacturers are somewhat behind on filling your orders placed through us and through online sources. Some of our Royal Canin orders are two weeks behind, so plan ahead.

Our OPERATING HOURS throughout this pandemic will likely be variable and could change daily. We will attempt to show the current office hours on our website, pghspayvac.com and Facebook.

On days when we are closing early, there will be an answering message reflecting this with emergency contact information.

I feel that the next two weeks will likely determine what the length of our appointment schedule will be. With many clients off work, we will probably be scheduling the day hours more than evenings. We will maintain some off-work time appointments to accommodate our health care, law enforcement, and emergency response employed clients’ pets. I will let you know how the schedule is shaping up over the next two weeks.

What is Tele-triaging??

We are suggesting that if your pet has a visible problem, like a skin rash, small growth, irritated eye or ear, lameness, etc., you send some well-lighted pictures or videos to our Clinic email address, vethosp10@yahoo.com. Please label the photos with your name and a description of the picture. If the picture is directed to a specific Doctor, please indicate that. Then when you call to discuss your pet’s problem, you can refer us to those pictures/videos to help us decide which problems require immediate attention (termed performing triage). Tele-triaging will be an important part of helping to keep our staff’s exposure to virus at a minimum.

Another way to decrease our Staff’s exposure is to ask that when you arrive, check in by phone, and we come out to transport your pet inside, that you put our two leashes on your dog. Then take your dog out of the car and hand the leashes to our Technicians wearing protective gear. We ask that you walk big, powerful dogs to the entry way before transferring to our Staff. For cats in carriers, please remove the carrier from your car and set it on the driveway for the Tech to pick up. A reminder to please thoroughly wash carriers at home before the visit.

Our State Veterinarian asked us to remind you that Rabies vaccination protection must be maintained up to date. Certain other vaccines can be deferred for a period of time. We can help you with those decisions.

Don’t forget that April 1st always marks the emergence of hungry ticks, especially after such a mild winter. Effective Tick and Flea products for dogs and cats kill ticks within the first 24 hours of exposure, to ensure tick transmitted diseases like Lyme and four others are not contracted.

Check the date when you applied those Seresto collars and replace after 8 months without fail. Call our Staff with any anti-parasite product questions.

Wishing you continued good health as we weather this together.

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