Dog’s Joy Rides Puts Their Eyes at Risk

Driving back from an out of state wedding this weekend I saw several dogs loving the 65 mph rush of wind blowing back lips and ears. While dogs can’t get enough of this fun, owners don’t realize the risks of eye injury due to debris kicked up from the pavement.

There is grit, sand, insects,and particles of tire rubber bombarding our cars on the interstate that can be seen as paint chips on the hood and fine pits on the windshield. At interstate speeds this is happening continuously.

Over the past year I have treated three dogs for painful corneal ulcers from road debris which required several medications and several visits to clear. While I have never seen a puncture myself, it does happen.

If you still pursue an open window policy for your dog and don’t restrain him in a doggie seat belt, invest in a pair of doggie goggles (there is a Doggles brand, and others) to protect their precious eyes and convince him to keep his mouth closed!

As you make your summer vacation plans, check with your kennel to see if they will be requiring the Canine Flu vaccine. Because of the time deadlines for Flu vaccination that several kennels have imposed, if your pet has had an examination at PSVC in the past six months and has no current medical problems, you can set up a Technician appointment to get the initial immunization and the boost injection two to four weeks later.

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