Top Foods That Are Poisonous to Pets – Part 2 & Free ASPCA Pet Poisoning App

Last week we discussed, far and away, the most common pet-toxic foods responsible for calls to the Poison Control Center and for visits to Emergency Clinics. However, there are other common foods that we eat every day whose pet-toxic properties you should be aware of.


As you might expect, pet alcohol toxicity occurs just as it does in people with the same tragic results. However, dogs may be exposed in ways you would never suspect. Some dogs love eating fruit rotting on the ground this time of year, which is fermenting and producing alcohol. Other sources can be varnishes, medications, perfume, mouthwashes (watch the Xylitol, too), uncooked bread and pizza dough, and certain antifreezes.

Grapes, Raisins and Currants

This is one of those toxicities that just isn’t understood, since many dogs can eat grapes with no ill effects. If grapes were toxic to every dog, would there be any French Poodles?? Seriously though, some dogs have developed serious kidney failure after eating only a few grapes or several raisins, so until we understand this problem better, its best not to share your PB & J made with grape jelly.


As home beer brewing has become a popular pastime, the Hop flower, usually dried, has begun to show up on the radar of Pet Poison Control Centers. A very high fever is the first symptom, but can progress to gastrointestinal symptoms, and even death.

Macadamia Nuts

These nuts are a popular snack for humans, but can poison dogs in small quantities. While not a common toxicity, the symptoms can be severe and one report indicates than a sixteenth of a teaspoon per pound may be enough to cause symptoms. Once again, the toxic agent has not yet been identified.


Lots of internet discussions center around the supposed toxicity of avocados, and for some animals like horses, they are deadly. Because of that I thought we should mention that dogs eating avocados will not actually become intoxicated, but can develop stomach irritation with vomiting. So best not to leave the guacamole bowl on the coffee table.



The ASPCA and Dr. Justine Lee have just released a Pet Poisoning App that is Free.

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