Think Your Dog is Smart??

Think Your Dog is Smart??

Consider the service dogs trained to detect low blood sugar in diabetics or monitor owners for the onset of seizures. How about the YouTube dog who cleans the house, pulls off his owner’s clothes and closes the dishwasher door which starts it.

Every day we see new stories demonstrating the myriad ways a variety of service pets are trained to assist their owners to cope with many of life’s tasks. However, Buddy the two year old Retriever takes canine household chores to a new level. He can actually operate a specially modified front loading washer and dryer from start to finish. The appliance doors have a canine friendly handle, so once Buddy has loaded the clothes, he just barks to activate the complete cycle. The soap is automatically measured out and added to this one cycle special model. When done, he transfers the clothes to the front loading dryer – and you guessed it – barks to start the dry cycle. When it beeps, he runs to unload it. The “Woof to Wash” machines show how a simple technological innovation and a very smart dog can improve the quality of a disabled person’s life.

Now, if they could just train a team of cats to fold the laundry!


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