There’s How Many Calories in my Pet’s Treats??

Before we talk about selecting the proper food to keep your pet Fit and Healthy, lets look at one of the biggest problem areas in your pet’s daily diet – all those pet treats and table food. Most clients with truly healthy and fit pets are not feeding table food. There is just too much variation in the calorie load when excess people food ends up in the dog or cat bowl. Just don’t do it, nothing off your plate is as nutritionally balanced as their commercial dog food.

Dog and cat treats can be very nutritious and are often an appropriate reward that helps bond you to your pet. Many of the traditional types of dog treats have the nutrition of basic dog and cat foods, but are not guaranteed to be a “complete and balanced” food. So if you like to give your large dog a large “Milk Bone” type of treat every time he goes outside, a word of caution. If you broke up each treat and put it in a measuring cup, you might find that you’ve given your dog a couple extra cups by the end of the day equivalent to an equal amount of basic dog food. And if you are treating with premium dog biscuits or cat treats that contain way more protein, fat, and carbs, then the added “food” could double your dog or cat’s daily calorie intake.

So for those who want to give treats in between meals, go small, break up the larger treats and give less. The pet treat industry does often indicate how much protein and fat is in each treat, but they are not required to post the calories per treat. Some of our clients set aside a small amount of food from each meal and use that for treats in between. The following chart will help you do your due diligence when selecting treats for your pets.

You will be surprised that a large Busy Bone brand treat, for example, has 600 calories!!

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