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VETSOURCE is Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination’s Online Pharmacy which can be accessed on the Home Page of our Website, If you haven’t explored our website recently I would encourage you to visit us there, as well as our Facebook page, for a wealth of veterinary information. Posted there is an archive of my weekly newsletters as well as fifteen educational videos covering topics ranging from ear diseases and pain control in pets, to being a hero by spaying and neutering your pet. Plus there are e-forms you can use to request an appointment, pre-register your client information sheet, and sign up for my newsletter.

Our staff has composed a list of the advantages awaiting you if you order your online medications, foods, and pet supplies on VETSOURCE. It’s easy to sign up by clicking the Online Pharmacy tab. You’ll have rapid access to our staff’s prescription approval and rapid shipping to your home. Plus the following additional benefits:

Offers quality prescription medicines, pet foods, and pet products sourced directly from the manufacturer and shipped to your door.

All Medication and Product guarantees that you receive at our Clinic are honored at our Online Pharmacy. For example, Heartworm medications purchased honor the guarantee that if your pet contracts intestinal worms or heart worm disease while continuously taking the medication, the manufacturer will pay for treatment of the disease. Heartworm preventatives (and many other medications we sell) that are purchased at pet stores or on other websites are not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

  • Peace of mind knowing that your medications are properly stored under optimal temperature conditions.
  • Large array of medications, foods, and many pet related products.
  • Competitive pricing with other online pharmacies.
  • “Remind Me Program”. Can have single doses of Flea and Tick or Heartworm Preventatives shipped to your door each month without any shipping charges.
  • “Auto-Ship Option”. Schedule regular deliveries of prescription foods and long term medications.
  • NEW OFFERING: In conjunction with Wedgewood Compounding Pharmacy, all your pet’s compounded medications can be directly ordered online and shipped to your door.
  • No concerns about receiving counterfeit products or medications since they are coming directly from the manufacturers.
  • With all these advantages, we invite you to give the VETSOURCE Online Pharmacy a try.

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