Take Your Dog For A Walk – It’s Much More Than The Exercise!

Sure, the act of dog walking does wonderful things physically for both you and your dog. Especially the brisk pace my “Reese” demands on the way to the wonderful olfactory paradise awaiting at Frick Park. Your dog also savors every odor and aroma discovered in your neighborhood every day, using his keen sense of smell that’s been estimated to be 50,000 times more sensitive than ours. This is exactly the other reason to go out for a stroll with your pooch.

Ever wonder why dog’s have to sniff and then lick objects they encounter, including your face and hands? It’s their special extra sensory organ located right behind their upper incisors. That bump you see and feel there is the vomeronasal organ that gives them the heightened olfactory capability dogs are prized for.

Here’s how this works for my dog Reese: she sniffs a tree trunk where a dog has urinated; then licks the tree and runs her tongue over the vomeronasal organ; a quick search of the memory banks in the olfactory cerebral cortex of her brain; in microseconds she knows that Rex the neighborhood Bichon is up ahead.

So the sensory aspects of the dog walk can’t be underestimated as entertainment for your dogs, and is likely the highlight of their day!


Many kennels and doggie day cares will be requiring Canine Flu vaccines by this summer. The two strains of Canine Flu in the US are novel viruses that ALL DOGS WHO CONTACT IT WILL CONTRACT.

Social dogs who frequently go to day care, dog parks, or kennels should be immunized twice the first year, then annually. Many of our local doggie daycares and kennels have imposed a time deadline by which your dog must be immunized. To assist our clients’ compliance, if your pet has had a wellness exam within the past six months and is not obviously ill, a technician visit can be scheduled for the initial immunization and boost 2-4 weeks later.

Call our receptionists to set up a flu vaccine appointment.

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