Spark Your Cats Inner Lion for Fun and Fitness

One of my veterinary colleagues has come up with an ingenious way to spice up your kitty’s boring indoor life by creating a food puzzle that your cat will love to play with.

The NoBowl Cat Feeding System

The NoBowl Cat Feeding System consists of a series of mouse-like food toys that you fill with your cat’s regular kibble, place the soft cover over the plastic food delivery device, and you’re ready to hide five food-filled mice all over the house. Instead of eating out of a boring bowl, your cat’s hunger and prey drive will keep her moving about the house. When she finds a mouse, the fun begins. The online video shows cats batting them all over the room, releasing a few kibble nuggets, and gobbling them up. By the time they have discovered all of the hidden “mice” and batted them to release all the kibble, you have an exercised cat who has satisfied one of cats’ strongest instincts: prey drive.

Cats in the wild go hunting 10-20 times daily which definitely helps to keep them fit. If you divide your cat’s normal kibble volume between the mice and hide them in increasingly challenging locations, you can leave for work with a smile on your face knowing that your buddy is a couch potato no longer.

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