Real Life Emergency Room Essential Oils Toxicity

Real Life Emergency Room Essential Oils Toxicity

Three weeks ago I wrote about Essential Oils toxicity for our pets and since have heard how shocked many of our clients were to learn that this really is a potentially fatal problem. I want to share this facebook post sent to me that my daughter received.

Posted on Facebook: “Warning!! Saturday night I got home late and my dog didn’t recognize me. Being a nanny I thought I woke him up and he was having a night terror. Sunday he was still acting weird. I realized I had been running my new essential oil diffuser and decided to turn it off. Sunday afternoon he was feeling better.

Today at work my dog sitter said he wouldn’t come out from beneath the bed (very odd behavior for this happy guy). I came home from work early and again he was very confused about who I was, so I took him to the Emergency Clinic. Turns out the Tea Tree oil I was using in the new diffuser is toxic for dogs (and especially cats). I didn’t get any on his body; he inhaled it. Thankfully lab tests showed that his liver is OK, but we weren’t out of the woods yet. It is a full 72 hours after exposure. He was given subcutaneous fluids to try to clear out the toxins and he is finally recovering.

The Veterinarian and Poison Control say they are seeing more and more of these cases as the popularity of essential oils is growing. Please be sure the essential oils you are using are not toxic for dogs or cats.”

T.W. — in our newsletter two weeks ago I listed which oils are toxic to our house pets of all types and to birds. Tea tree oil is one of the worst. Also toxic are cinnamon, clove, ylang-ylang, eucalyptus, citrus (d-limonene), pennyroyal, peppermint, pine, sweet birch, and wintergreen.

“I am very upset so I would appreciate it if people don’t condemn me as a bad puppy mommy, but I wanted to share as to not have anybody else’s babies go through this.”


Many kennels and doggie day cares will be requiring Canine Flu vaccines by this summer. The two strains of Canine Flu in the US are novel viruses that ALL DOGS WHO CONTACT IT WILL CONTRACT.

Social dogs who frequently go to day care, dog parks, or kennels should be immunized twice the first year, then annually. Many of our local doggie daycares and kennels have imposed a time deadline by which your dog must be immunized. To assist our clients’ compliance, if your pet has had a wellness exam within the past six months and is not obviously ill, a technician visit can be scheduled for the initial immunization and boost 2-4 weeks later.

Call our receptionists to set up a flu vaccine appointment.

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