Raja the Cat Returned to Family-One Move and Three Years Later!!

Happy Wintry New Year!!

Raja the Cat Returned to Family – One Move and Three Years Later

Whenever I read one of these amazing stories about pets who were reunited with their families against all odds, I am reminded how essential Identification Microchips are for our pets.

Raja’s story is not that unusual — these re-homings of lost pets occur everyday. Raja ran off in 2014 when the Tuttle family was living in Florida. He was never recovered, and when they moved to Virginia, they knew they would never see him again. This December, a man brought a stray cat into the Georgetown, Delaware SPCA shelter. The shelter workers scanned him for a microchip and found that he was owned. When they moved, the Tuttles didn’t inform the Microchip Database of their new address, figuring Raja was lost forever. Through some dogged (sorry!) sleuthing, the SPCA was able to track down the Tuttles who celebrated the reunion.

The tiny identification microchip glass capsule is implanted over the shoulder blades of dogs, cats, rabbits, and ferrets, and can be performed at any age. My thinking on when to implant is simple. When the pet can run faster than you, it should be microchipped!

We are still implanting microchips that were purchased for a special Allegheny County program that saves the pet owner $39 off the regular price. You can have the peace of mind that there is an 85% chance that your pet cat be located for only $40, including lifetime registration in the Microchip Database.

So when we’re all making our New Year’s resolutions, put having a microchip implantation high on your list. If your pet is already microchipped, take the time to update the Microchip Database with a new address or phone number. If your pet was microchipped at PSVC, the AVID Microchip phone number is 1-800 336-AVID. If microchipped at one of the Pittsburgh Shelters, you can call us with the microchip number and we can tell you where to call. If the number is unknown, or if you’re not sure if your pet has a microchip, come in and our staff will scan your pet.

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Our pets are living 3-4 years longer than 25 years ago, so help your pet keep his teeth for the long haul — you’ll appreciate the pleasant breath and puppy/kitty licks and kisses!

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