Pollen Allergy Prevention

With no blossom-killing Spring frosts this year, pollen levels have made this a very severe early allergy season for people and pets alike! Pollens dispersed by air may travel for great distances. For example, ragweed pollen has been collected as far as 400 miles out to sea and as high as 2 miles in the air. Plants generate millions of pollen particles per day and most never reach their targets. Instead, they may be inhaled or absorbed into the skin of the pet causing a sensitized pet to have an allergic reaction.

The following are suggestions to aid in reducing exposure to pollen:

  • Keep lawn grass cut short to reduce seed and pollen production.
  • Keep pets off the lawn one or two hours after mowing or when the lawn is wet.
  • Avoid prolonged outdoor exposure during peak pollen counts, allergy seasons, when humidity is high and on windy days.
  • Avoid letting pet put its head out of car windows when traveling.
  • Confine pets indoors during early morning and evening hours when pollen counts are usually highest.
  • With a damp cloth, wipe pet’s feet, body and face after being outside to remove pollen from hair, coat and skin.
  • Close windows and use air conditioning when possible.
  • Use high-efficiency air conditioner and furnace filters.
  • Vacuum and dust frequently, keeping pet out of the room while doing so.
  • Dry pet’s bedding in the dryer instead of outside.
  • Frequently bathe pets using hypoallergenic shampoos, leave-in conditioners and cool water rinses.
  • Keep pets groomed and clipped to lessen collection of pollen on hair, coat and skin.

There are new concepts available in 2017 to combat the severe itch and skin irritation, as well as the secondary severe bacterial and yeast skin infections that often accompany allergies. To help control allergy symptoms with medicine, we now have a full supply of the drug Apoquel which is expected to control allergies as well as Cortisone without the cortisone side effects. A brand new injectable medication, Cytopoint, controls allergies in a unique way. The product is an antibody that binds to receptors on an allergy mediating molecule stopping allergy symptoms for 4-8 weeks. To desensitize pets to allergies so they don’t have to take medications, there is an orally administered preparation of allergens, Allercept, which has eliminated the need for injectable allergens (allergy shots).

By using these avoidance tips and consulting with our Veterinarians for these new effective allergy treatments, your pets will be better able to enjoy this glorious early spring season.

To better assess the health of your pets’ teeth, we now have DIGITAL DENTAL X-RAY EQUIPMENT. This allows us to see hidden periodontal disease surrounding the tooth roots so that action can be taken to judiciously suggest treatment or extraction since our pets can’t tell us where it hurts them.


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