Noble and Naughty Canines in the News

In New Jersey, a German Shepherd mix broke a window pane and barked from inside at passersby until one called the police. Officers found the dog’s owner who was having a medical problem and was unconscious. The owner recovered and the canine hero was treated for a minor cut on its paw.

In West Virginia, “Sadie” and “Pepi” were caught on Walmart’s security camera driving their owner’s Ford sedan through the parking lot. A witness said she saw the car slowly heading right at her. She assumed it was someone she knew who was playing a joke on her, until she realized a dog was driving with its companion in the passenger seat. Then little Sadie ended the joyride by turning the car into the wall of the store. Her “passenger” somehow opened the window after the ride and started barking. The surprised elderly Walmart shopper admitted she left her car and A/C running for the impatient dogs. No one was hurt, but this was definitely a ruff day for everyone.

A Lhasa Apso in Manchester, England could not be found in the home in spite of the owner hearing whimpering. Mystery was solved for the panicked owner when she saw the hind legs and rear end protruding from the reclining armchair. The owner had to call firefighters who dismantled the chair to free the clumsy canine. With a typical little-dog haughty attitude, the dog just walked slowly away as if nothing had happened, trying to maintain her dignity.

A Papillon-Chihuahua mix named Konjo has smashed the Guinness World record for the fastest 5 meter run on front paws by a dog – competing the feat in an astounding 2.39 seconds. This eclipsed the previous record of 7.76 seconds set by a Pomeranian named Jiff seven years ago. While not handicapped in any way, Konjo’s owner said she has always liked to prance on her front legs, butt straight up in the air.

In London, England, the age old argument that dogs are more loyal than cats may have just dealt a major setback. The owner of a little French Bulldog and a giant Bullmastiff arrived home to discover toilet paper everywhere, with about four feet of paper wrapped around the Frenchie’s neck and body. The amused owner teased the guilty culprit by asking, “Did you make this mess?” No need to ask, as the Frenchie’s Mastiff buddy immediately “fingered” the perpetrator, pointing a giant front paw.

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