Is Your Cat Right or Left Handed? The Results

Is Your Cat Left- or Right-Handed, or is he an ambidextrous cheerleader like this exuberant guy?

A few weeks ago I reported on a scientific study of forty four cats that determined the majority of female cats were right-handed and the majority of males were left-handed. They show this predilection over a variety of tasks, including reaching for food, walking down stairs, and stepping over objects. An amazing twenty eight of our clients conducted their own study and the data is in.


  • Thirteen male cats were left-handed
  • Seven male cats were right-handed
  • Six male cats were ambidextrous


  • Eight female cats were right-handed
  • Five female cats were left-handed
  • Three female cats were ambidextrous

CONCLUSION: While there were many left-handed males fitting the researchers’ hypotheses, there were just as many males who were right-handed or ambidextrous. The same can be said for females. The right-handed females were almost matched by the lefties and ambidextrous.

As I suspected, this is just another example of the cat mystique. Most cat owners know better than to try to figure out anything feline.

There have continued to be many notices and recalls of raw type pet diets, with this week’s list unusually plentiful.

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Beef Nibblets Entree for Dogs, lot number 13753.

Northwest Naturals Dog Food due to Listeria contamination

Carnivore Meat Company Essentials Freeze-Dried Dog Food due to Salmonella contamination.

TruPet Dog Treats due to Salmonella contamination.

It’s not just your pets at risk!

Humans who may be temporarily immunosuppressed by an illness, or have a longterm immunosuppression due to chemotherapy or specific infections are definitely at risk when handling raw pet foods that may be contaminated by bacteria.

Last week, the third week of February, clients have told us they are seeing ticks on their dogs. I saw one on the hair of a dog who had just been walked around our building. I will be spraying this weekend when the rain subsides. IF YOU STOPPED TICK AND FLEA CONTROL THIS WINTER, START BACK ON IMMEDIATELY. Newly emerging Spring ticks are voraciously hungry. Prevent Lyme disease and the four other tick transmitted diseases in your pets.

This is a great time of year to get a Lyme Disease vaccination for your dog. Also, for dogs who are social –meaning dogs who go to doggie day care, go to dog parks, are boarded or groomed frequently– there is now a Canine Flu vaccine that protects against both Flu strains seen in the US. Call our Receptionists for an appointment.

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