Innovative New Pet Products For 2018

Innovative New Pet Products For 2018

The 2018 Global Pet Expo recently unveiled four top pet products chosen from among 1000 submitted. They are clever, practical, and available online or in stores right now.

The Best in Show Award for Cat products is pictured above. The “Mousr” from Petronics is a robotic rodent on wheels designed for feline entertainment that drives on all surfaces, including throw rugs. Using sensors and artificial intelligence, the electronic mouse can interact with cats on its own or via an app on the pet owner’s smartphone or tablet. It features a flicking motorized tail that has interchangeable attachments to switch up the play and keep your cats very interested. It doesn’t say if the Mousr “likes” to be batted around, but I’m sure more info is available on their website. For many cats, environmental enrichment and entertainment can improve their quality of life and prevent some behavioral problems from developing. There are many new products in this category you can explore online.

The Best in Show Award for Dogs is the Aquapaw Pet Bathing system form Aquapaw. It’s a one-size-fits-all combination sprayer and scrubber that straps to the pet owner’s hand. This same hand can control water flow by pressing the fingers to the palm to click the water on and off, keeping your other hand free for pet control or to pick up the shampoo bottle. This tool can attach to both indoor faucets and garden hose outlets. This company also recently released another bath time accessory, a Slow Treater that attaches to the tub or shower wall by suction cups. What better way to get the bathing done than to keep Fido busy trying to get peanut butter out of the Slow Treater.

The Best in Show Award for Natural Pet Product is a five-fingered, textured bathing and grooming glove made of nitrile, PVC, and nylon to be allergy friendly for horses, cattle, dogs, cats, and small mammals. The scrubbing nodules work on wet or dry fur, and come in many sizes. The company is HandsOn.

The Best in Show Award for Small Pets is the Walkin’ Blind Halo cleverly designed to assist visually impaired dogs move around safely. The lightweight, flexible halo is attached to either a harness or a vest, depending on the dog’s size. The website has convincing videos that demonstrate how a visually impaired pet can be more confident exploring his environment wearing this device. This could be revolutionary for pets with cataracts, SARDS, traumatic blindness, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy.


Many kennels and doggie day cares will be requiring Canine Flu vaccines by this summer. The two strains of Canine Flu in the US are novel viruses that ALL DOGS WHO CONTACT IT WILL CONTRACT.

Social dogs who frequently go to day care, dog parks, or kennels should be immunized twice the first year, then annually. Many of our local doggie daycares and kennels have imposed a time deadline by which your dog must be immunized. To assist our clients’ compliance, if your pet has had a wellness exam within the past six months and is not obviously ill, a technician visit can be scheduled for the initial immunization and boost 2-4 weeks later.

Call our receptionists to set up a flu vaccine appointment.

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