Important Emergency Pet Food Recall. Holiday Food Order Restrictions

Emergency Recall by the FDA

There has been an Emergency Recall by the FDA of many popular dog foods that are all manufactured at one plant but sold under many different labels. These foods have been found to have up to 70 times the allowable levels of Vitamin D which can cause kidney failure. This is a developing story, but a summary from Dog Food Advisor lists the affected brands and food names.

Here is the link to check to make sure your food is not on the list:

Holiday Restrictions for Ordering Prescription

Diets Through PSVC
Because the Christmas and New Years Holidays fall on a Tuesday, Prescription Diets from Hills, Purina, and Royal Canin will NOT BE DELIVERED TO PSVC THE WEEKS OF DECEMBER 24th and DECEMBER 31st. Next Monday, December 17th and the morning of December 18th will be your last ordering dates for 2018. Those foods will be delivered December 20th or 21st.


First time users of VETSOURCE ONLINE PHARMACY will receive a 20% Discount by using the Promo Code “TRYTVCHD”. Once approved, the foods or medications will be shipped to your home.

Happy Holidays from PSVC!

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