IAMS Veterinary Formula Discontinued, ROYAL CANIN In Their Place

We would like to notify our clients whose pets are on a prescription diet made by IAMS VETERINARY FORMULA that in the beginning of 2017, the IAMS VETERINARY FORMULA products will be discontinued in the United States and Canada. Thankfully, ROYAL CANIN will offer nutritional choices in their place.

You may continue to order IAMS VETERINARY FORMULA products through the end of the year 2016. However, we recommend that you start the transition from IAMS to ROYAL CANIN sooner rather than later so as to avoid any GI discomfort from quickly transitioning your pet from one brand to the next.

The following list will help to guide you in which new formula the pet food brands recommend switching to. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call our office for additional information.


    WAS: Iams Skin & Coat Plus Response FP ( dry and wet)
    NOW: Royal Canin Selected Protein Adult PW (available in LARGE BREED and MODERATE CALORIE; also dry and wet)

    WAS: Iams Skin & Coat Plus Response KO (dry)
    NOW: RC Selected Protein Adult KO (dry)


    WAS: Iams Joint Plus (dry)
    NOW: RC Mobility Suport JS (available in LARGE BREED; dry)


    WAS: Iams Intestinal Plus Low-Residue Adult (dry and wet)
    NOW: RC Gastrointestinal Low Fat or Gastrointestinal Moderate Calorie (dry and wet)

    WAS: Iams Intestinal Plus Low-Residue Puppy (dry)
    NOW: RC Gastrointestinal Puppy (dry)


    WAS: Iams Weight Loss Rewards Plus Restricted-Calorie Rewards (treats)
    NOW: RC Satiety (treats)

    WAS: Iams Weight Loss/Mobility Plus Restricted Calorie (dry and wet)
    NOW: RC Satiety Support Weight Management (also available in SMALL DOG; dry and wet)


    WAS: Iams Renal Plus (dry)
    NOW: RC Renal Support (Three dry formulas and three wet formulas {loaf, pate, and morsels in gravy)


    WAS: Iams Glucose and Weight Control Plus Optimum Weight Control (dry)
    NOW: RC Glycobalance (dry and wet)

~~ ATTENTION: Pet Owners Who Order Prescription Pet Food ~~

There will be no food orders or food deliveries made the week of
Thanksgiving (November 21-25, 2016).

PLEASE be sure to have your food orders in by Monday November 7, 2016
to ensure their delivery before the Thanksgiving holiday.

You can call our office at 412-798-8770 to place a food order over the phone.

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