Healing Hands Benefit the Health of Our Pets

In previous PSVC Newsletters we have discussed that petting cats is healthy for humans, both lowering blood pressure and relieving stress. Now a new study shows that cuddling cats is a health booster for our felines, as well.

Cats in a shelter who appeared well adjusted and content were randomly divided into two groups of 48. The cats in the “positive interaction” group received cuddling and gentling from the same person four times a day, for ten minutes each time. The cats in the control group, on the other hand, were subjected to a researcher passively standing in front of the cage, eyes averted, for the same amount of time each day.

Not surprisingly, the cats in the group who were handled lovingly every day retained the contented dispositions they began with. The cats in the control group were more disgruntled, unhappy, and surprisingly, less well. Of the 48 cats in this group 17 developed upper respiratory disease (congested sinuses with sneezing and discharge, irritated runny eyes), while only 9 cats in the cuddled and loved group developed upper respiratory signs that were overall less pronounced.

Researchers concluded that there is a strong relationship between loving human interaction and the overall health and well-being of your cats. Intuitively, I think we animal lovers knew that all along.

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