What To Do If You Find A Lump On Your Pet

What To Do When You Find a Lump on Your Pet

As the weather gets colder and you are snuggled up with your pet, take this time to check for lumps.

  • If you feel a lump, old or new, it needs to be checked as soon as possible.
  • Lumps need to be examined, measured and charted. This will help to keep track of any changes that may occur over time.
  • Suspicious lumps should be aspirated to identify any unusual cells.
  • Aspiration can be completed in office. It requires sticking a small needle into the lump to pull out a few cells to identify under a microscope to identify if the lump is serious or not.
  • Early detection is important. Catching cancerous cells early increases the chance of a surgical cure.

Please call our Receptionists Karen, Janet, and Michelle at

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