If You Don’t Think Today’s Dogs are Part of the Family, Read This

Pet owners know taking your whole “family” to the dog park or the great outdoors is great fun, but the clean-up, not so much.

A dog-friendly concept car from Nissan is everything a pet owner would want for the comfort and welfare of their animals.

The Nissan X-Trail features an access ramp, an 360 degree pull out water shower and clutter free utility drawers. It’s upholstered cargo area ensures easy clean-up from dirt and hair.

Nissan engineered this car after research from The Kennel Club revealed 99 percent of pet owners consider their pet to be part of the family.

Nissan’s chief marketing manager X-Trail, Ryan Gains says, “The Nissan X-Trail is a car that’s built for family adventures, and the X-Trail 4Dogs concept takes that to the next level.”

This concept car will likely unleash in Europe before hitting the pavement in the U.S.

Nissan’s X-Trail transforms the cargo space into a dog haven to include:

  • Two-way dog cam
  • 360 pull out water shower
  • Integrated dryer
  • Access ramp
  • Padded interior upholstered for wipe-ups
  • No spill water bowl
  • Smart dog treat dispenser
  • Clip on harness hook
  • Clutter free compartments to store treats, waste bags, etc.

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