Creating a “Fear Free” Environment at PSVC to Make Your Pet’s Visit Their Best Day Ever!

In the coming weeks you are going to notice some subtle changes at PSVC to decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Fear while your pets are in our Clinic. It will be noticeable right as you enter the front doors where there will be baskets containing towels sprayed with feline calming pheromones to place over your cat’s carrier. We welcome you to place your carriers on the bench near you to locate them above the level of the dogs in the room. We will be providing a variety of different types of dog treats for you and us to use in the waiting area to calm their anxieties. In the exam rooms there will be pheromone diffusers emitting calming dog and cat pheromones.

We designed our waiting area in 1994 to have a dog side by the large window and a cat side by the water cooler to reduce kitty stress and we will be reinforcing this plan as is possible.

At PSVC we have never been a clinic that immediately whisks every animal back to the treatment area to be cared for, only to be reunited with you at check out. Even more so, our Gentle Control techniques will be in evidence throughout the hospital and we will continue to have you assist us with your pet in the exam rooms when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Our commitment to complete and thorough physical examinations on every pet will be facilitated by having pets that are not fearful and stressed with us in examination rooms. I will have more information about this natural evolution of care at PSVC in coming newsletters.

We truly look forward to seeing you soon and to making this your Pet’s Best Day Ever at the Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic!

To better assess the health of your pets’ teeth, we now have DIGITAL DENTAL X-RAY EQUIPMENT. This allows us to see hidden periodontal disease surrounding the tooth roots so that action can be taken to judiciously suggest treatment or extraction since our pets can’t tell us where it hurts them.


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