Is Your Cat Left – or Right-Handed?

Is Your Cat Left- or Right-Handed?

Who cares, you might say. In my line of work this info might prove useful in the exam room — when ducking away from a swipe!! Recent research shows that there might be a gender difference when it comes to cats “leading” with their left or right paws. Female cats are more likely to be right-handed, and males are more likely to be south paws. They show this predilection over a variety of tasks, including reaching for food, walking down stairs, and stepping over objects. These tests were conducted in the cats’ homes to eliminate laboratory stress as a factor.

The significance of this finding has yet to be determined. I suspect that, like all things feline, it will probably remain a mystery.

Just for fun, let’s see if your cats follow this pattern. Being ever the doubting Thomas, I wonder if their sample of 44 cats was large enough to make a valid conclusion. Let’s do some experimenting at home then send your data to We’ll compile the results and publish them in a future newsletter.

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